Monday, July 4, 2011



Here is the big event to celebrate our first anniversary, we have planned to fly few RC helicopters. Not only our self but also yourself will join with us. 50 RC helicopters are ready to launch, you also can become a pilot of one of them. Yes all these helicopters are for you.

Help us to promote this blog site and win your RC helicopter. You have to do very simple thing to win this great gift. Share our blog site with Social Bookmarking Sites (Eg: facebook, digg, twitter, StumbleUpon, reddit, delicious, tweetmeme, mixx, FARK, friendfeed ... any other bookmarking site) and E-mail your links to us.

Every additional 2 sharing will get 1 additional chance to win.

All winners will inform via the E-mail we received their sharing details and display under this page.

Finally I would like to thank everyone who help us in various manner.


July 2011     M. Farik Shau

Instruction to collect your gift sent to your registered e-mail at the begin. I would like to thanks again for participation for this campaing and help us to prote this blog site.
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